Training & Extension

The training and extension services section is committed to preparing skillful farmers to accomplish the objectives of achieving self sufficiency and develop the capacity of farmers to be economically competitive in the agricultural production market.

Transfer of information between farmers and extension staff takes place through different approaches. Field visits, demonstrations, farmer training programs, study tours, radio and TV programs, telephone and written materials such as leaflets, books, magazines and posters are some of the approaches used to deliver information to farmers. Currently there is one Agriculture station under this unit for the purpose of exposing proper demonstration, conduct agriculture related researches and carrying out agriculture training programs.

Our goals:

  • Improve living standards of farmers through improved and diversified agriculture systems.
  • Ensure that agriculture production is sustainable and stable, has minimal negative environmental impact, and can cope with climate change.
  • Improve the nutrition and health of consumers and farmers.
  • Provide equitable access to information and knowledge on agriculture related technical information.


The organizational structure

Training and Extension Unit English


Main activities of the Unit

  • Developing training materials
  • Developing extension materials
  • Attending farmers calls
  • Training of trainers
  • Training of farmers
  • Conduct workshops
  • Organize study tours for farmers
  • Visit farmers fields on request
  • On field demonstrations
  • Appraisal of farmers’ work and effort thorough different occasions such as Farmers day.

Hanimaadhoo Agriculture Station

The center was initially established to develop the poultry industry to increase local poultry and egg production. It was later extended to other agricultural activities including applied agricultural research, training and demonstration and especially technology transfer on hydroponics.


The activities generally carry out by the Agriculture stations are:

  1. Agriculture related researches
  • Varietal testing
  • Fertilizers and Pesticide trials
  1. Exposition of proper demonstration
  • New technologies
  • Good Agricultural Practices
  • Various techniques of Hydroponics
  • Poultry keeping
  1. Conducting Agriculture Training programs
  • Starting Agriculture (Level I)
  • Essentials of Agriculture (level II)
  • Customized short courses upon requests

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