FAD Center

Overview of FAD Implementation of Maldives

              The FAD Implantation Section of the Ministry of Fisheries, and Agriculture was established back in 1981 with a mandate to conduct an experimental fisheries development program which turned out to be an extremely instrumental and particularly effective in initiating an innovative way of easing fish capture through aggregation of large quantities of fish into prescribed areas where artificial floating objects were placed. Based on the spontaneously successful results from the very first experiments, the FAD Center has become an absolute necessity for the continued development of FAD systems and enhancing fish capture by utilizing FAD's for fishing.

               Maldives started experimenting with FADs as early as 1981 when knowledge of and technologies for the very deep ocean moorings were quite limited and unavailable. At the time, this was a very new field and therefore there were no existing knowledge-base to derive from. As a result the FAD Center had to undertake experiments, device new means and concepts to deal with the problems associated with the early FAD systems. By virtue of its wide experience in the field of FADs, the FAD Center now attains commendable technical know-how and expertise in this challenging field. The field is challenging because unlike structures built on land, the FAD Section is constantly faced with many problems arising from having to deal with FAD systems which are subjected to constantly variable and dynamic forces of nature to which they are subjected to.


          The FAD Center during the last two decades or so has developed new concepts and many design improvements for FAD's. One remarkable experimental activity in this respect is the design, construction and experimentation of a Bait Fish Aggregating Device (BFAD). A new device for attracting small bait fish.
Since 1981, the FAD Center has continued to play a vital role within the overall fisheries developmental efforts of the Ministry

The FAD Implementation Section under takes design, production and installation of all Fish Aggregating devices ( FADs ) in the Maldives .
Specified functions of the FAD Implantation Section are as follows:
1. Conduct a countrywide program to design, develop, construct, install and monitor FAD systems as a means of enhancing the country's fish production.
2. Designed , developed construct installation and monitor of bait Aggregation device
3. To conduct hydro graphic survey for installation of bait aggregating devise and fish aggregation devices in Maldives



Latest developments of FAD Implementation ( Year 2017/2018 )


  1. FAD installed :-   Lh. Olhuvelifushi FAD  on    25 Jan 2017
  2. FAD installed :- Laamu - Fares FAD 10 miles South of Fares  on   27 Jan 2017
  3. FAD installed :- Laamu - Hithadhoo FAD, 12 miles SE of Hithadhoo on 29th Jan 2017
  4. FAD installed :- Dh. Hulhudhelhi FAD, 15.5 miles West of Hulhudhelhi  on 3rd May 2017
  5. FAD installed :- FAD no:493 Gaaf Alifu- kolamaafushi FAD,15 miles NE of Kolamaafushi on  14th Feb 2018
  6. FAD installed :- FAD no:494 Gaaf Alifu Dhehvadhoo FAD. 17 miles NW of Maradhoo FAD  on 15th Feb 2017
  7. FAD installed :- FAD no: 497 Laamu Gan FAD 15 miles SE of Gan, FAD on 23rd April 2018
  8. FAD installed :- FAD No: 500 Olhuvelhifushi FAD - 12 miles South East of Olhuvelhifushi has been deployed today on .2nd August 2018
  9. FAD installed :- FAD no:503 Kaaf Maafushi FAD 12 . 6 miles SE of Maafushi FAD on 9th  August 2018

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