36th Fishermen’s Day celebrations will be at GA. Gemanafushi from 11th – 14th



Among the major activities that would take place in relation to the days celebrations are:

1. Reef fishing competition

2. Food Fair on the occasion of Fishermen's Day in GA. Gemanafushi

3. Ice Plant opening ceremony at GA. Gemanafushi

4. Fishermen's Day Family evening with activities .

5. Masjid Ibrahim , Mosque , opening ceremony

6. Fisheries Forum

7. Fish filleting Completion ( Men / Woman )

8. 36th Fishermen's Day Official Ceremony


Fisheries Information System Keyolhu had launched today




       Ministry of fisheries had launched the Fisheries Information Keyolhu by Minister Dr. Mohamed Shainee and International Pole and Line Foundation Chairman, John Burton at Kandu Oiy Gri island . Male' Atoll ,

      Minister Dr Mohamed Shainee , highlighted that the use of software will speed up services offered to fishermen and  exporters. And also thanked M&S, Sainsbury's & World Wise Foods in association with International Pole and Line Foundation for their support.

     Speaking further, Minister said , in future , Mobile Application will be develop as an upgrade of the system , to access fishermens and exporters  services .

Farmers Day 2016, Agriculture Fair at Dharubaaruge on 10th -12th October 2016

Agri Fair


This year the National Farmer Day in Maldives is celebrated on 10th August. Farmers day is annually marked to recognize the important role and hard work of Farmers and Agriculture industry investors in the Maldives.

      This year’s Farmer’s day  celebration is on 10Th October – 12th October 2016.   An Agriculture exhibition-fair  will take place at  Dharubaaruge Faashana Maalam  on 10th October .


10th October 2016 (Monday )


16:00  PM  - 18:00 PM

22:00  PM  - 18:00 PM


11th – 12th October 2016  ( Tuesday & Wednesday


09:00 PM - 12:00 PM

13:00 PM - 15:00 PM

18:00 PM - 16:00 PM  

20:00 PM - 22:00 PM 


Hydroponic and home gardening course to be conducted at Haa Dhaalu Atoll kulhudhufusi


                              Hydroponic and home gardening course will be coduct  from 17th to 27th July at Haa Dhaalu Atoll kulhudhufusi
                              This training highlights the backyard Home Gardening of different vegetables , fruits and use of Hydroponics Gardening .
Further, participant's also will also learn the techniques of how to identify and control  pest  that grows on plants and yields and other basic gardening guides.

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